List of Best Cars at IIMS 2024 and In-depth View of the Electrification Automotive Market in Indonesia

Entering 2024, the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) once again brings significant highlights to the domestic automotive industry. From February 15 to 25, JIExpo Kemayoran

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Entering 2024, the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) once again brings significant highlights to the domestic automotive industry. From February 15 to 25, JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta witnessed the presence of various cutting-edge innovations from leading car manufacturers. Not only showcasing a range of conventional vehicles, but IIMS 2024 also served as a stage for the best electric cars, marking a significant shift in Indonesia’s automotive market.

Transformation Towards Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

The transformation towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility has become an urgent need in the global automotive industry, including in Indonesia, which has a large population and increasing air pollution levels. The Indonesian government provides full support for electric vehicles by implementing various incentives, policies, and investments in charging infrastructure aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and maintaining environmental sustainability.

IIMS 2024 was an important moment demonstrating Indonesia’s automotive industry’s serious commitment to environmentally friendly mobility. The presence of 53 two-wheeler, four-wheeler, and electric vehicles at the exhibition proves that Indonesia’s automotive market is increasingly aware of the importance of transitioning to vehicles based on new and renewable energy sources.

Leading brands such as BYD, Wuling, Maxus, BMW, and MG also contributed by showcasing their latest innovations in electric cars, leading Indonesia’s automotive industry towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. With strong support from the government and increasing public awareness, the transformation towards environmentally friendly vehicles in Indonesia is becoming a reality.

Best Electric Car Choices at IIMS 2024

At IIMS 2024, several best electric cars successfully caught the attention of visitors with their combination of performance, design, and superior technology. Here is a complete list of the best electric cars exhibited at the event, along with their respective prices as provided in additional information:

  • BYD Atto 3 (Medium SUV)

BYD Atto 3 stood out as a highlight in the Medium SUV category at IIMS 2024. The combination of robust performance, optimal comfort, and outstanding energy efficiency makes it the top choice for consumers seeking reliable electric SUVs. The Extend variant with a range of 480 km and the Standard variant with a range of 410 km offer broad flexibility according to user needs. Moreover, the affordable price starting from Rp 515,000,000,- for the Superior type makes it an extra attraction for consumers looking to switch to sustainable mobility without sacrificing performance and quality.

  • Wuling Air ev (City Car)

Wuling Air ev became a favorite in the City Car segment with its charming modern style and advanced features. Efficient performance and competitive pricing are its main attractions, although detailed pricing has not been announced yet. The presence of Wuling Air ev at IIMS 2024 reaffirms Wuling’s commitment to providing environmentally friendly electric mobility options accessible to various consumer groups.

  • Maxus 9 (MPV)

Maxus 9 presents a revolutionary MPV concept with advanced electric technology. In addition to spacious interiors and the latest safety features, reliable performance and driving comfort make it the top choice in the MPV category. Although the price has not been announced, Maxus 9 offers practical and efficient mobility solutions for families and users who need extra space.

  • BYD Seal (Sedan)

BYD Seal is one of the best electric sedans showcased at IIMS 2024. Its elegant design and robust performance make it a unique attraction for consumers looking for high-style and high-class electric cars. Variants with various ranges provide flexibility for users to choose according to their needs, while the price starting from Rp 629,000,000,- for the Premium Variant and Rp 719,000,000,- for the Performance Variant adds significant value.

  • BMW i7 (Luxury EV)

BMW i7 brings luxury and innovation in an electric car package. The high quality and performance it offers make it a desirable choice among consumers who prioritize a luxurious lifestyle. Although the price has not been announced yet, BMW’s exclusivity and reputation as a luxury car manufacturer guarantee the quality and technology offered by BMW i7.

  • MG 4 EV (Affordable Crossover EV)

MG 4 EV is an affordable option for consumers looking to experience electric driving technology. Reliable performance and attractive design make it one of the sought-after crossover EVs in the automotive market. Although the price has not been announced yet, MG’s focus on environmentally friendly mobility and competitive pricing make it an attractive option for users who want to adopt electric vehicles without incurring significant costs.

  • Wuling Binguo EV (Most Affordable EV)

Wuling Binguo EV proves that electric cars do not have to be expensive to be enjoyed. With an affordable price, consumers can have an environmentally friendly vehicle without sacrificing quality and modern features. Although the price has not been announced yet, the presence of Wuling Binguo EV at IIMS 2024 reaffirms Wuling’s commitment to providing affordable and sustainable mobility options for the Indonesian community.

The phenomenon of Chinese domination in the Indonesian automotive market also reflects Chinese car manufacturers’ ambition to expand globally. By presenting their best electric cars at IIMS 2024, manufacturers such as BYD, Wuling, Maxus, and Chery indirectly demonstrate that China is not only a supplier but also a major player in automotive technology innovation.

Moreover, the presence of Chinese electric cars that enliven the Indonesian automotive exhibition also delivers an important message about competition in the global market. With the ability to offer quality products at more affordable prices, Chinese car manufacturers can attract consumer interest in various countries, including Indonesia.

Adequate electric charging infrastructure is crucial in supporting sustainable mobility growth in Indonesia. The main challenge is ensuring the availability of fast, easily accessible, and environmentally friendly charging stations. In this context, the role of the government, private sector, and active participation of the community are crucial.

The government needs to launch policies that support the development of electric charging infrastructure, such as incentives for charging service providers and electric car users. Additionally, the private sector is also expected to play a role in investing in and developing electric infrastructure-related technologies. Collaboration between the government and the private sector can create an ecosystem that supports the growth of reliable and efficient electric infrastructure.

Furthermore, education and public awareness need to be raised to encourage the adoption of electric cars and the use of electric charging infrastructure. Through solid collaboration among all stakeholders, Indonesia can accelerate the transition towards sustainable mobility that positively impacts the environment and the country’s economic sustainability.


With the conclusion of IIMS 2024, we can see that electric cars have taken on an increasingly significant role in Indonesia’s automotive market. Increased adoption, technological innovation, and awareness of environmental sustainability are the main drivers of this change. The list of the best electric cars exhibited at the event provides a clear picture of the direction taken by Indonesia’s automotive industry.

Although there are still challenges to overcome, such as electric charging infrastructure and competitive pricing, momentum towards sustainable mobility has been created. Continuous support from all parties, including the government, automotive industry, and consumers, will be the key to success in achieving the shared goal of a cleaner environment and sustainable mobility future in Indonesia.

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